Testors Gloss Enamel Paint Marker

Testors Gloss Enamel Paint Marker
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Testors Gloss Enamel Paint Marker
Testors Enamel Paint Marker

These all-purpose enamel paints can be used on many kinds of surfaces. Finely ground pigments give superb flow and coverage. They are fast-drying and easy to apply. Normal dry time is 1 hour, full cure is 48-72 hours. Contains no lead and has a tip designed for fine-line painting or painting larger areas.

Simply shake the marker, pop the cap and press down a few times to prime the tip. Once finished be sure to snap the cap back on the marker.

Can be used for:
Models: Ceramic, Plastic, Leather
Household: Stone, Metal
Crafts: Wax, Glass, Paper
Figures: Fabric, Wood

This package contains one 1/3 fl.oz. (10mL) enamel paint marker (each color sold separately).

Flammable, keep from heat and flame, use in a well-ventilated area. Keep away from small children.

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