Stay-Brite Lead-free Solder Kit

Stay-Brite Lead-free Solder Kit
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Item Description:

This is Silver Solder with Flux from Stay-Brite.

  • Five times stronger than ordinary solder with tensile strength of 10,000-25,000 pounds per square inch.
  • Will stretch under high pressure, but not break under constant stress and is vibration-resistant.
  • Conducts electricity better.
  • Cadmium and Lead free making it environmentally friendly
  • Melts and flows at 430F, providing strength without distortion

  • One 3/64" Diameter, 1/2oz (14g) Silver Solder Coiled
  • One 1/2oz (14g) Bottle of Flux
  • One Instruction Sheet
  • One Clear Plastic Storage Canister with White Lid

Use for all metals with the exception of aluminum. Low temperature solder excellent for many HVAC connections.

Requires soldering iron.

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