PineCar Sanding Sealer & Wax

PineCar Sanding Sealer & Wax
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PineCar Sanding Sealer & Wax
This is the Sanding Sealer & Wax from PineCar®.

Everything you need to prepare a racer’s surface for painting and give it a sleek, showroom shine! Thicker than a typical sealer, Sanding Sealer saturates wood pores and creates a surface sanded easily and ready to paint. Covers wood grain for a uniform smooth painted surface. Works exceptionally well with spray paint. Wax your sleek, painted racer for reduced air friction and a bright shine.

Apply Sanding Sealer to your PineCar racer prior to painting. Instructions provided

1/2 oz sanding sealer
1/2 ox wax
Foam brush

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