Metal Earth Bat-Signal 3D Laser Cut Model Kit

Metal Earth Bat-Signal 3D Laser Cut Model Kit
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Metal Earth Bat-Signal 3D Laser Cut Model Kit
Metal Marvels Batman Bat-Signal 3D Laser Cut Model from Fascinations®

The Bat-Signal is a distress signal device appearing in the various interpretations of the Batman mythos. It is a specially modified searchlight with a stylized symbol of a bat attached to the light so that it projects a large Bat emblem on the sky or buildings of Gotham City. In the stories, the signal is used by the Gotham City Police Department as a method of contacting and summoning Batman to their assistance in the event of a serious crisis and as a weapon of psychological intimidation to the numerous villains of Gotham City.

• Pop Out the Pieces • Put Them Together • Show Off Your Steel Model •

  • Amazing Detail
  • Micro Laser Etching
  • Cut From two 4-inch (11cm) Sheets
  • Assembled Size: 1.75" x 1.75" x 2.40"
  • Advenced model, not recommended for beginners
  • Includes Instruction Sheet

Ages 14 & up

*Needle nose pliers or tweezers are helpful for assembly, but are not included.

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