The Essential Pottery Tool Kit - 8 pcs.

The Essential Pottery Tool Kit - 8 pcs.
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Art Alternatives Essential Pottery Tool Kit

All the basic pottery tools required for the professional as well as the beginner come packaged in a reusable, clear vinyl bag with pockets for each tool.

This kit contains one each of these eight tools:

  • Boxwood potter’s rib for contouring, flattening and scraping
  • Ribbon tool for edging, shaving and thinning
  • Metal scraper for melding, scoring and smoothing
  • Wire clay cutter for cutting and removing pieces
  • Sponge for moistening, absorbing and refining
  • Needle tool for drawing, piercing and slicing
  • Loop tool for carving, hollowing and trimming
  • Boxwood modeling tool for cleaning up, finishing and modeling

8 pcs.

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